Corporate Donor Advised Funds

Work with our team to create a charitable program that compliments your business goals.

It is clear that the public likes to see companies give back. More than ever, companies of all sizes are turning to a cost-effective and meaningful solution to meet this need: corporate donor-advised funds.

Like a donor-advised fund used by an individual, corporate donor-advised funds allow companies to invest money in an account dedicated solely to charitable giving, and then use that money to make a difference in the community.

Whether your company has 10 or 10,000 employees, a corporate foundation can make a big impact in our community.

Corporate foundations provide an easy and efficient way for businesses of all sizes to give back to their communities. We know that business owners and leaders understand the value of giving their employees the opportunity to give back, but they might not know just how easy it is to stand taller in their community with the help of corporate charitable funds.

Many companies choose to use their corporate donor-advised fund to support charities and causes their employees are passionate about through an employee matching gift program. Others set guidelines that align with the company’s mission or values. Some focus their giving on specific organizations connected to that company’s industry. The options are endless.

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