The Complete Your Degree (CYD) program is the Community Foundation’s second phase of redefining and reimagining how scholarship assets are used to support the continuing education of young adults. Launched quietly in late 2017, this new program compliments the Foundation’s first phase, which led to the creation of the Come Home Award in early 2016.

Working closely with multiple organizations throughout our region, and specifically with our friends and partners at St. Clair County Community College (SC4), CYD is a highly competitive needs-based scholarship that provides financial support for a wide range of “life needs” to young adults accepted into the program. Funding for life needs will be above and beyond providing last-dollars-in money to cover tuition, books and related supplies for students at SC4. Life needs support will include, but not be limited to, helping young adults overcome temporary obstacles such as food, clothing, medical care, transportation, daycare and housing.

Additionally, once a young adult is accepted into the CYD program they never have to re-apply and they remain in the program until they successfully graduate from SC4 and/or transfer to another college or university. Young adults in the program will graduate with little to no debt as long as they adhere to the terms and conditions of the CYD program.

For more information on the CYD program, please contact Audrey Sochor at or 810-984-4761.

Application Process

Students should apply through the online listed on our main scholarship page. There is no scholarship fund named Complete Your Degree, but rather a collection of scholarships within the program.

The CYD program has the following criteria and preferences:

  1. Young adults who have already completed some college credits at SC4 or another college, but who are at risk of not completing their college education due to life needs and obstacles
  2. Young adults who previously tried college or university at a four-year institution
  3. Young adults who graduated from high school within the last several years, but who never tried college before
  4. Graduating high school seniors who attended either a high school in Port Huron or Marine City
  5. Young adults who are single parents; those who would be first generation college graduates; those from single parent families; low-income; minority; TIP eligible (Tuition Incentive Program)


The Complete Your Degree program is a project of the Community Foundation of St. Clair County and is supported by these donors and endowed funds:

  • Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation
  • Alexander & Celestine Lamere Fund
  • Douglas & Elda L. Webb Scholarship Fund
  • Bert D. & Rose E. Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Michigan College Access Network
  • Catherine Houghton Fund
  • Mino Kramer Fund
  • James C. Acheson Fund II
  • Marian Pollock Moore Fund
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